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Are You Exfoliating Properly?

Are You Exfoliating Properly?

Who hasn’t exfoliated before? Exfoliating buffs away dead skin, letting healthy skins softness be felt. Exfoliation also boosts circulation, helps skin absorb moisturizers, and helps prevent breakouts. However, not all scrubs are created equal and too much exfoliation is a very bad thing. Today we’re going to share the rules of good exfoliation!

1-Don’t over exfoliate! Over scrubbing skin can cause irritation. Instead, exfoliate your skin 1-3 times a week, head to toe, depending on your skin’s sensitivity and be sure to gently exfoliate in small circular motions.

2-Exfoliation helps skin absorb moisturizers better so right after exfoliating it’s important to moisturize right away. If the exfoliate has hydrating elements in it, like the organic coconut oil in our Coffee JoeScrub, let it sit on skin for 5-10 minutes to absorb the moisture.

3-Not all skin needs exfoliation, and our lips should never be exfoliated as their skin is too thin and can be damaged if exfoliated, causing chapped lips. Instead, keep lips soft and beautiful by keeping them hydrated with non-wax based lip moisturizers and by protecting them with SPF-rated products when heading outdoors.

4-Choosing the right scrub means choosing one that won’t damage your skin or the environment. Micro beads, once found in most scrubs, have been found to be very bad for the environment and should be avoided. Some scrubs, like an infamous apricot scrub, are too harsh on skin and can actually damage it. Instead, choose a scrub that uses gentle exfoliators like sugars or coffee.

Exfoliation benefits the skin and body and is a must in any good skin care routine. To find the right scrub for your skin type check out our line of JoeScrubs.

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