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joeSCRUB Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Review by Why Choose Vegan Blog

joeSCRUB Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Review by Why Choose Vegan Blog

 Photo courtesy of: Why Choose Vegan

Some are predisposed to loving joeSCRUB products, especially vegans. Jen Rivera-Bell, Editor of Lousiana-based Why Choose Vegan blog and mother to a pig, was excited to try joe's face scrubs after trying joeSCRUB Coffee scrub in the Fall of 2015.

Check out Jen's joeSCRUB Matcha & Charcoal scrub review (excerpts below):

"joeSCRUB Matcha & Charcoal scrub are amazing and leave you feeling even better. These scrubs are simply divine for your face, body and your mood!" 

"These two scrubs are just as awesome as joe's original coffee scrub because they are also 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. Be very aware when buying scrubs for your skin because oftentimes companies like to sneak in weird, unnatural ingredients, which is something you don't need to worry about with joeSCRUB products."

"joeSCRUB Charcoal scrub is jam packed with the incredible properties that activated charcoal has: the ability to very effectively pull out impurities and tighten pores. Who doesn't want to get gunk out of their face?"

"joeSCRUB Matcha scrub has incredible antioxidants that help fight against bacteria that can cause those pesky breakouts that I know entirely too well." 

"My favorite was the activated charcoal scrub. It has the most awesome, clean smell, if ya'll know what I mean."

"These scrubs are the perfect mixture of rough enough to pull the dead skin off your face without destroying it."

About Jen


Jen is a young wife to a man and mother to her adorable pig, Mowgli. She preaches veganism, loves to eat, travel and watch documentaries. For more on Jen, please click here.

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