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joeSCRUB Review by I'm A Little Blog

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Making room for downtime is critical for a balanced lifestyle. Many of us are on the go all the time and save little "me" time, which can lead to stress, a leading cause of skin disorders. Alex, Toronto-based Editor of I'm A Little Fashion & Lifestyle Blog, is a work hard, play hard and lay low type. She recently spent her downtime in her bathtub with joeSCRUB and as her review indicates, she loved the results (excerpt below):
"joeSCRUB is an amazing, 100% natural coffee scrub that leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I use the scrub 2 nights a week and it's very gentle and soothing. I honestly can’t get enough of joeSCRUB."
About Alex
Alex started I’m A Little as a personal passion project and creative outlet but it has grown into much more. From fashion to food, beauty and design, this is her little place to showcase all of the things that are infinitely her. For more on Alex, please click here.

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