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joeSCRUB Review by Cook.Eat.Study.Repeat Blog

joeSCRUB Review by Cook.Eat.Study.Repeat Blog

When people sniff a bag of joeSCRUB Coffee scrub, they sometimes say: "This smells delicious - can I drink or eat this?" With the exception of jasmine essential oil, which is not recommended for drinking or eating (but is highly recommended for your skin), the all-natural ingredients in joeSCRUB are used for everyday cooking and drinking. Since we absorb 60% of what we put on our skin into our bodies, joe believes that anything you put on your skin should be safe for eating or drinking (with exceptions, as noted above).

When joe was approached by Laura, a medical student with a cooking blog living between Aruba and Canada, he thought he'd put his theory to the test. If Laura was into healthy, delicious and tasty food dishes as she claimed, then she would love a skincare product that is healthy for her skin.

Check out her joeSCRUB Coffee scrub review to see if joe's theory was correct (excerpts below):

"I’m absolutely in love with joeSCRUB Coffee scrub! This lovely package of all-natural coffee scrub made it to Aruba and I couldn’t be happier with the results on my skin after using it."

"joeSCRUB Coffee scrub's mixture of ingredients smells delicious and also helps nourish your skin by increasing blood circulation and releasing toxins."

"Cheers to joe! My skin feels absolutely amazing."

About Laura


Laura's true love, passion and absolute favorite hobby in the world is her cooking blog. She's a medical student doing the best that she can to enjoy healthy and delicious meals that she creates, with inspiration from famous chefs. For more on Laura, please click here.

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