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JOESCRUB Coffee, Matcha and Charcoal Body & Face Mask Review by Curious Natalia

JOESCRUB Coffee, Matcha and Charcoal Body & Face Mask Review by Curious Natalia

Photo courtesy of: Curious Natalia

Do you want to look young when you turn 50? If so, you'll probably have a lot in common with skincare obsessed Carla Thompson, Editor of Jacksonville, Florida based Curious Natalia lifestyle blog.

As a mother to a baby boy, Carla was excited to try all three JOESCRUB body & face masks to see how they could help revitalize her skin post-pregnancy. Check out her review (excerpts below):

"While I was pregnant I was fairly lazy (i.e. I was tired!). When my son was born, I didn't have time for anything during the first few weeks. So, I set a goal to start taking care of my skin again. I have yet to find the perfect scrub for me and was never able to settle on one. I've stuck to a very basic daily skincare routine for most of my life. However, I have noticed that my pores have been more open recently and I have far more blackheads. It was time to start exfoliating to get rid of all that dead skin and dirt in my pores. I was then introduced to JOESCRUB!"

"I was very excited to try JOE's three scrubs. Each scrub has notable skin and health benefits, and they also smell amazing! I’ve always wanted to try a coffee scrub and now was my chance!"

"JOESCRUB Matcha Body & Face Mask is designed enhance my mood and boost my concentration --- amen to that! Exactly what this new mommy needs."

"JOESCRUB Charcoal Body & Face Mask contains activated charcoal and other all natural ingredients to help draw impurities, tighten pores and leave your skin smooth. This is exactly what my skin needs! It left my face so smooth and silky. Also, this scrub smells so good!"

"JOESCRUB Coffee Body & Face Mask also smells amazing! This scrub helps tighten the skin, leaving it toned and even. It left my skin feeling soft and moist. I can say this one was my favorite because it smells so good!"

"I totally recommend JOESCRUB! I'd also recommend applying right before you get in the shower or while in the bathtub. I left the scrub on my skin while I took a shower and then rinsed off. It left my skin so soft and silky!"

About Carla


Carla is married to the love of her life, Justin, and is a mother to her baby boy, Atticus. She's originally from Puerto Rico but is currently located in Jacksonville, Florida. Carla is crazy about fashion, home decor and traveling, but she especially loves blogging about motherhood and her son. For more on Carla, please click here.

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