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Natural JOE Organic Camu Camu Under Eye Nectar + JOESCRUB Body & Face Masks Review by Sense of Aesthetic

Natural JOE Organic Camu Camu Under Eye Nectar + JOESCRUB Body & Face Masks Review by Sense of Aesthetic

Photo courtesy of: Sense of Aesthetic 

Happy Belated New Year! JOE hopes you enjoyed the holiday season with an eye on a tricky New Year's resolution: keeping your skin glowing through the winter months ahead.

Living in brisk Manitoba, Canada, Stephanie Wilson is no amateur when it comes to dealing with snow and wind chills, even as early as October. JOE sent her his under eye nectar and three masks to see if they could win the battle against dry, tired winter skin. After a month long trial, the results are in (excerpts below):

"My favorite product from the Natural Joe skincare line is the Under Eye Nectar. Not only does it contain organic camu camu, loaded with brightening vitamin C, but it also contains organic coffee powder, which helped perk up my hopelessly dull under eye area. As an added bonus, the formula has a rich, silky feel and a sweet top note of geranium."

"After a month of use, I found that JOE's Under Eye Nectar formula helped keep my under eye area soothed and moisturized, especially as the weather in Manitoba changed quickly from summer to fall to winter. I’ve also discovered that a little goes a long way, as I still have over half of my 1 ounce (30mL) bottle remaining!"

"JOESCRUB Coffee Body & Face Mask is different from other coffee scrubs and masks because its coffee is fair trade (perfect for those of us who look beyond green beauty to ethical beauty) and the mask is packed with super innovative ingredients. Also, JOE has included organic cacao in this formula, giving it a delicious aroma that’s more mocha latte than regular coffee." 

"JOESCRUB Matcha Body & Face Mask is great if you’re looking for an versitile antioxidant powerhouse. As we power through winter in North America, antioxidants are going to especially important for our skin. Unsurprisingly, this scrub has a fresh green tea scent and feels luxurious as it helps to soften skin."

"If you're looking for a detox, then you must try the totally unique JOESCRUB Charcoal Body & Face Mask. I honestly don’t think I’ve come across a body scrub quite like it! You can smell the clean, crisp note of rosemary as you use this product, and it feels rich and nourishing on skin much like JOESCRUB Matcha."

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