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joeSCRUB Coffee, Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Review by MsLindsayM Fashion & Beauty Blog

joeSCRUB Coffee, Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Review by MsLindsayM Fashion & Beauty Blog

"After using joeSCRUB Matcha scrub, my nose was visibly clear of any blackheads and my skin felt much softer to the touch, with a gorgeous glow that is normally reserved for a professional facial at a spa. I swear this scrub made my skin look firmer and tighter than it did before my first use. joeSCRUB Coffee scrub is amazing for the entire body and it left my skin exfoliated, smooth and moisturized. joeSCRUB Charcoal scrub is ideal for anyone with oily, combination or acne-prone skin, especially for use in the summer. Overall, I'm a huge fan and I absolutely plan to purchase more of these scrubs in the future."

-Lindsay McAllister, Editor of MsLindsayM Fashion & Beauty Blog 


joeSCRUB Review by Adaatude Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

"Now let's get a little cellulite has decreased, my acne is not spurting out randomly and my skin feels so incredibly soft it's unreal. Just un-freakin-real. I also really enjoy the way all of these ingredients smell together and the jasmine oil is listed to be an aphrodisiac so that could also be why I am head over heels ;) I am serious when I say joeSCRUB will change your scrub game!"
-Adaleta Avdic, Editor of Adaatude Lifestyle & Beauty Blog


joeSCRUB Review by My Newest Addiction Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

"After using joeSCRUB on my face and body, I noticed that my skin was extremely smooth. I made sure to really scrub my elbows and knees because that is where I am usually the most dry and scaly. It worked like a charm and my elbows are still smooth over a week later. joeSCRUB mentions that it helps with treating acne and I can actually attest to that. My face has been experiencing small breakouts lately and I used this every other day for a week and my skin looks really clear and smooth. It also feels more hydrated which really surprised me, but I am assuming the oils had to do with that."

-Laura Gallaway, Editor of My Newest Addiction Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


joeSCRUB Review by Le Petit Monde De Jenna (The Little World Of Jenna)

"This scrub is top notch - ALL of its ingredients are natural and it's great because most of the scrubs that are found in supermarkets are full of bad ingredients that are not good for the skin. On top of that, this scrub acts against acne, eczema, stretch marks and other skin disorders - top notch! A nice surprise from this 100% natural scrub - this is the first time I used this type of scrub, and I think I will use it regularly now!"

-Jenna M., Editor of Le petit monde de Jenna Beauty, Makeup & Lifestyle Blog




joeSCRUB Review by Moms Makeup Stash

"joeScrub Results:

1. Dead skin cells are buffed away and skin is gently exfoliated

2. Skin looks and feels deeply hydrated

3. Breakouts, inflammation & redness are all reduced (I had a friend who suffers from acne test it too!) 

4. Skin appears firmer and any puffiness is minimized

joeScrub also detoxifies the skin and improves your overall complexion. Did I mention that this product smells absolutely incredible? More importantly though it works!"

-Sandra, Editor of Moms Makeup Stash Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


joeSCRUB Review by The Trendy Sparrow Blog

"Since using joeSCRUB, I've noticed that I've become more comfortable going without my makeup. My acne scars are shrinking, my skin tone is becoming closer to one all around color, and my skin feels tighter and more awake; reducing my puffy eyes. As an entrepreneur, I work ridiculous hours. This means my eyes tend to look like someone punched me in the face because of all the dark circles. joeSCRUB makes my skin feel awake, rejuvenated, and energized (if that makes sense) - sort of like a strong cup of coffee for my face! Uhhhh....yes, please!"

-Lindzi Shanks, Editor of The Trendy Sparrow Lifestyle Blog


joeSCRUB Review by Laila Loves Beauty, Fashion, Health & Lifestyle Blog

"To be honest when I first received joeSCRUB, I was hoping for softer skin, but then after just a couple scrubs I noticed that my acne scars were clearing up and imperfections fading away!"

-Laila Daho, Editor of Laila Loves Beauty, Fashion, Health & Lifestyle Blog


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