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joeSCRUB Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Review by Why Choose Vegan Blog

joeSCRUB Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Review by Why Choose Vegan Blog

"joeSCRUB Matcha scrub has incredible antioxidants that help fight against bacteria that can cause those pesky breakouts that I know entirely too well. My favorite was joeSCRUB Charcoal scrub. It has the most awesome, clean smell, if ya'll know what I mean. These scrubs are the perfect mixture of rough enough to pull the dead skin off your face without destroying it."

-Jen Rivera-Bell, Editor of Why Choose Vegan Blog


joeSCRUB Review by BeautyDesk

"The bottom line: joeSCRUB leaves you with glowing skin. Let me get it out on the table: I. Love. This. Scrub. I’m so happy with how my skin looks after using joe without applying any additional product that I won't cover my skin with foundation or powder. After my first time using joeSCRUB, I demanded that everyone near me reach out and touch my skin for themselves. I wanted other people’s hands feeling my face. It’s THAT good."

-Bianca Teixeira, Author, BeautyDesk


joeSCRUB Review by Cymbre Thinks Lifestyle & Review Blog

"I have been known to concoct my own coffee scrubs in the past after hearing that they were great to fight cellulite and tone your skin, and this one is even better for all of the extra ingredients it includes. Leave it to the experts! Not only is joeSCRUB AMAZING it is made with fair trade organic coffee grinds, and organic cacao, so you can feel just as good purchasing it as you do slathering it all over your face and body. Depending on how often you use it, and if you cover your entire body or target certain areas, this bag could last you forever!"

-Cymbre Martin, Editor of Cymbre Thinks Lifestyle & Review Blog



joeSCRUB Review by My Newest Addiction Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

"After using joeSCRUB on my face and body, I noticed that my skin was extremely smooth. I made sure to really scrub my elbows and knees because that is where I am usually the most dry and scaly. It worked like a charm and my elbows are still smooth over a week later. joeSCRUB mentions that it helps with treating acne and I can actually attest to that. My face has been experiencing small breakouts lately and I used this every other day for a week and my skin looks really clear and smooth. It also feels more hydrated which really surprised me, but I am assuming the oils had to do with that."

-Laura Gallaway, Editor of My Newest Addiction Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


joeSCRUB Review by Moms Makeup Stash

"joeScrub Results:

1. Dead skin cells are buffed away and skin is gently exfoliated

2. Skin looks and feels deeply hydrated

3. Breakouts, inflammation & redness are all reduced (I had a friend who suffers from acne test it too!) 

4. Skin appears firmer and any puffiness is minimized

joeScrub also detoxifies the skin and improves your overall complexion. Did I mention that this product smells absolutely incredible? More importantly though it works!"

-Sandra, Editor of Moms Makeup Stash Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


joeSCRUB Review by Canadian Fashionista Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

"My skin was not only brighter, but I noticed less breakout after the first use. It improved hydration and added moisture back into my dry, dull skin, which in return, gave the appearance of firmer, softer skin. joeSCRUB also preps the skin for shaving. If you’re one that suffers from little red bumps immediately after shaving, this will help to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin, making the shaving process a breeze. Kiss your dry, scaly, patchy elbows, knees and heels goodbye, this really sloughs off all the dead skin without being abrasive. Talk about a miracle worker. Although it’s only been a short week, I can’t say enough good things about joeSCRUB. In fact, oh sh**, this is the best scrub I’ve ever used."

-Amber Desilets, Editor of Canadian Fashionista Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion Blog



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