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JOESCRUB Coffee, Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Video Review by Natural Hair Rebel

JOESCRUB Coffee, Matcha & Charcoal Scrub Video Review by Natural Hair Rebel

"I've been suffering from dark spots because of my pregnancy. JOESCRUB's body & face masks not only helped lighten these dark spots but also helped alleviate my dry, cracked lips caused by ever changing Georgia weather. Three scrubs that smell fresh & delicious for under $15 - jump on it!"

-Asha, Editor of Natural Hair Rebel Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


joeSCRUB Review by Canadian Fashionista Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

"My skin was not only brighter, but I noticed less breakout after the first use. It improved hydration and added moisture back into my dry, dull skin, which in return, gave the appearance of firmer, softer skin. joeSCRUB also preps the skin for shaving. If you’re one that suffers from little red bumps immediately after shaving, this will help to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin, making the shaving process a breeze. Kiss your dry, scaly, patchy elbows, knees and heels goodbye, this really sloughs off all the dead skin without being abrasive. Talk about a miracle worker. Although it’s only been a short week, I can’t say enough good things about joeSCRUB. In fact, oh sh**, this is the best scrub I’ve ever used."

-Amber Desilets, Editor of Canadian Fashionista Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion Blog



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