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JOESCRUB Charcoal Body & Face Mask (150g)

$10.00 $14.00

JOESCRUB Charcoal Body & Face Mask (150g)
JOESCRUB Charcoal Body & Face Mask (150g) JOESCRUB Charcoal Body & Face Mask (150g)

$10.00 $14.00

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JOESCRUB Charcoal Body & Face Mask is a detoxifying sugar face scrub that will heal your skin, relieve stress and stimulate and improve productivity with just 8 ingredients:

- Activated charcoal draws out impurities, tightens pores and smooths the skin.

- Organic cane sugar exfoliates skin, buffs away dead skin cells and keeps fine lines and wrinkles in check.

Organic chamomile heals skin with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-irritant and anti-fungal compounds.

- Shea butter nourishes and moisturizes skin while protecting its natural oils. 

- Castor oil deep cleanses pores and erases scar tissue while restoring skin hydration and promoting skin cell growth.

- Organic coconut oil has a soothing nature that combines with the grainy, exfoliating sugar perfectly, and leaves skin with an even tone, closed pores and a baby soft texture.

- Lavender essential oil carries a calming scent that relieves stress while brightening the skin by improving blood circulation.

- Rosemary essential oil tightens and lightens blemishes on the skin while acting as a mood enhancer and improving mental clarity.

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