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Using Natural JOE Products

What are the benefits of using JOE? JOE thought you'd never ask - click here for details on his many skin and health benefits.

Can I use JOE if I have sensitive skin? JOE is meant for all skin types, whether sensitive, dry, oily or otherwise. Given that joe is 100% natural, he works perfectly with sensitive skin. JOE highly recommends testing him on your skin in a small area before using him on your entire body, as you may be allergic to one of his awesome ingredients.

How the heck do I use Natural JOE's scrubs? JOE recommends getting your skin wet before every application, as he stays on your skin better that way for maximum effect. What better way to do that than jumping in your shower or bathtub? For a full body scrub including your face, JOE recommends two to three small handfuls, applied in circular motions for maximum exfoliation. For maximum results, JOE should stay on your skin for 5-10 minutes before being rinsed off.

How often should I use Natural JOE's scrubs? While JOE is made for everyday use, he recommends scrubbing 2-3 times a week.

Are Natural JOE scrubs messy? While JOE is great at cleaning away dead skin and making your skin look shiny and bright, he does leave a bit of a mess behind. However, he will not stain your shower or bathtub if you rinse it after each use. A small price to pay for an all-natural rejuvenating experience!

JOE smells delicious - can I eat or drink him? All of JOE's natural ingredients are edible or drinkable, save for his jasmine essential oil. The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) does not endorse oral use  of essential oils unless recommended by a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate clinical level. That being said, joe highly recommends that you do not eat or drink him.

Natural JOE's scrub zipper doesn't close properly - what do I do? If scrub particles get stuck in the bag's zipper, JOE suggests using your fingernail, a key or the wooden spoon provided in your shipment to dislodge them.

Is there any way to make Natural JOE's scrub particles bind better? JOE recommends adding water as you scoop him out if you prefer a pastier scrub.

It's tough to keep Natural JOE's scrubs on my body and face in the shower for the recommended 5-10 minutes without getting him wet or accidentally washing him off. Any suggestions? JOE recommends turning the shower off after your skin is wet. That way he stays on your skin and you save water - win-win!

I'm weary of using Natural JOE's scrubs on my face. Any suggestions?JOE recommends using an all-natural facial cleanser before and an all-natural toner after applying one small handful of JOE to your face, using circular motions as you rinse him off.

JOE's Timeline

How long will it take for JOE to arrive? JOE will be shipped within 48 hours of your order. If you're sending JOE to the U.S., he'll take 5-8 business days to arrive after shipment. If you're sending JOE within Canada, he'll take 2-9 business days. If you're sending joe to jet set outside of North America, he'll take 6-10 business days. Please note that these estimated shipment periods can be delayed due to peak shipping seasons (e.g. December) or U.S./foreign customs holding your package for longer than usual.

How do I track JOE during shipment? joe uses an affordable shipping method in order to offer great products at a great price. Unfortunately, this shipping method does not offer tracking.

How should I store JOE? JOE is like a fine wine - he thrives in a cool, dry place. Don't be fooled by his matte white waterproof jacket, moisture and humidity are joe's worst enemies when he's not in use.

How long will JOE live? If stored in a cool, dry place and sealed when not scrubbing your skin, JOE should last for as long as 3-4 months. Fortunately, his jasmine oil acts as a natural preservative to keep him fresh.


How much does JOE cost to ship? Free to Canada | $4.00 to U.S. (per 150g) | $6.50 to outside of North America (per 150g) 

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